Winter Storage Tips to Protect Your Sports Car

December 21st, 2019 by

While it doesn’t tend to get too frosty in Grand Prairie, Texas, during the winter, it may be chilly enough to put your gorgeous sports car away for safekeeping until spring. These winter storage tips will help you protect your sports car while it’s getting its seasonal time off.

Change the Oil

One good trick to getting your sports car ready for a period of rest is to get it an oil change. New oil and a new filter will help prevent corrosion.

Add Fuel Stabilizer

Whenever a car is poised to sit still for a while, it’s a good idea to add some fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank. Buy a new bottle and add the recommended amount to a full tank. Then, drive the vehicle around for 10 minutes to ensure it’s mixed in.

Protect the Tires

You’ll want to keep the tires on your sports car from developing any flat spots, so prop the vehicle up on jack stands while it’s in storage. You can protect the tires further by reducing their psi to around 25.

Store the Battery

If you leave a car battery untouched for a few months, it’s likely going to lose its charge. Then, if temperatures end up getting too low, it could freeze and become useless. For safe measures, remove the battery from your sports car and bring it indoors for winter storage.

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