Ways to Improve Working From Your Car

July 22nd, 2020 by

Lately, many people in Grand Prairie, Texas, and across the country have been working from home for the first time. Remote work can get a little boring when you stay in the same place. An alternative to the home office is working from your car, which can be fun and comfortable when done right.

Use Bluetooth®

Sync your phone with your vehicle’s Bluetooth® system, which should filter out background noises. Then, you will have a convenient way to make and receive crystal clear calls.

Make the Most of Your Space

You might start work in the passenger’s seat, but when you get tired of that, consider your other options. In larger cars, crossovers, or SUVs, you’ll have more room to stretch out in the back seat, and could use the center console as a desk. If you own a truck, the tailgate could serve as a convenient standing desk.

Invest in a Good Internet Connection

You cannot telecommute without the internet. Many modern vehicles offer built-in Wi-Fi® hotspots, which are perfect for turning your car into a makeshift office. If your vehicle does not have one, you could instead pay a little extra to upgrade your phone plan to include unlimited data. Then, when it’s time to work, you just need to plug into your phone’s Wi-Fi®.

Even if you are not driving as much as you used to, it’s important to stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Contact Graff Chevrolet in Grand Prairie, Texas, to schedule a service appointment.

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