Maximize Summer Fun With These Truck Bed Transformations

August 24th, 2020 by

Transform your truck bed to maximize summer fun in Grand Prairie, Texas. Whether you have cabin fever or you’re simply looking for a fun activity to do with family and friends, there are a number of ways to get outdoors. For example, a truck bed picnic is the perfect way to have a meal without worrying about bugs swarming you from the ground. A truck bed movie night is a smart way to imitate the drive-in experience, while truck bed camping will be an outdoor adventure.

The Chevrolet Silverado and Chevrolet Colorado are well-equipped for any of these activities. That’s because models such as the Silverado come with 20 percent more cargo space than the nearest competitor, and the Durabed design is more versatile than ever.

A picnic is a great idea for a romantic getaway. Be sure to bring pillows, blankets, and padding to make the bed more comfortable to sit on. Plenty of water is important for staying hydrated in warm weather and be sure to bring paper towels or wet wipes to clean up any messes from the food.

Next, a truck bed movie night is ideal for kids. If you have a blank wall on the side of your house, you can purchase an easy-to-use projector online. Most of these projectors are cardboard contraptions that let you project a movie from your smartphone, and they’re reasonably priced. If you want something more durable, consider investing in a screen and a heavy-duty projector.

Finally, consider camping. While there are accessories that let you transform your bed into a comfortable tent for the night, you might simply use the bed to carry tents, coolers, and other cargo. Just get outdoors and start enjoying the summer before it’s gone.

Make sure your truck is ready to handle all your summer adventures. Schedule a maintenance check at Graff Chevrolet in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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