How to Protect Your Car from Thieves

August 23rd, 2019 by

We spend a lot more time in our vehicles in the summertime, cruising to the beach for the weekend or embarking on a cross-country road trip. While this means we’re making the most of the sunshine, it also means we’re leaving ourselves open to more opportunities to be robbed. You can protect your car from thieves by following these few simple steps:

Always lock your vehicle. Even if you’re just pulling up to pick up your take-out order, never leave your car unlocked while unattended.

Stay in the light. As much as possible, leave your car parked in well-lit and/or well-trafficked areas. If you park in a dark, hidden place, you’re making it all the easier for thieves to access your property.

Shut and lock all windows. Leaving your windows down even just a crack gives a semi-skilled thief all the access he needs to make off with your vehicle. As much as you want to leave them down, especially on scorching summer days, be sure to roll your windows all the way up, all the time.

Consider a “smart key.” Many modern vehicles offer or come standard with a “smart key.” This electronic key come with a unique chip that cannot be duplicated, adding an extra layer of difficulty for any thief who wants to take advantage of your vehicle.

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