Back-to-School Car Accessories

September 24th, 2019 by

Now that school is back in session, you are back to your normal routine. For many families this involves a morning and afternoon carpool to and from school. With so much time spent in the car with your kids, here are some great back-to-school car accessories that may make your daily drives easier.

Trash Can

Your kids probably spend at least some time eating in the car almost every day, whether that is an on-the-go breakfast or an afterschool snack. Having an in-car trash can will help keep it at least a little bit cleaner. You could use something as simple as an old grocery bag or buy something specifically made for a car with pockets for extra storage.

Portable Plugs

Everyone wants to keep their devices charged. You probably don’t have enough plugs in your car to satisfy everyone. Buy a portable plug that comes with multiple outlets to keep everyone happy.

Activity Tray

If you have younger kids, a travel tray could be a great way to keep them occupied in the car. The tray will fit over their laps and they can use the flat surface for drawing or even starting their homework on the drive home. The trays usually come with handy pockets for keeping art and homework supplies.

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