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You’ve probably seen it before: another driver seems to be braking, but it turns out their brake lights are stuck on, and it catches you off guard. This can be a safety hazard because it incorrectly signals something the other driver isn’t doing, and obscures when they actually slow down. If your own brake light isn’t turning off, the following are some of the possible causes and what you can do about them.

Stuck Brake Pedal

The most common cause for brake lights not turning off is a stuck brake pedal. If the pedal doesn’t come back up all the way when you take your foot off, it will continue to apply some braking force and keep the lights on. It’s also possible that corrosion or debris has gotten lodged between the pedal and the sensor that triggers the brake light.

Fortunately, this can usually be fixed by simply removing the debris or pumping the pedal until it gets unstuck. If the issue persists, bring the car for maintenance at our service department. Regular maintenance can also prevent this problem from occurring in the first place.

Faulty Brake Sensor

The brake system includes switches and sensors designed to detect when you are using the brakes. If either of these are faulty, the lights may get the wrong signal and show your brakes as being applied all the time. Fixing this problem is as simple as replacing the switch, which is typically located on the backside of the brake pedal.

Weak Brake Pedal Spring

Your brake pedal relies on a spring to return to its original position after you’ve released it. However, the spring can become weaker over time, making the brake feel mushier and causing it to stay engaged. If the brake pedal cannot return to its normal resting point, the brake lights will remain on. That’s just one of the reasons to fix it, though. If your brakes are always engaged, your pads and rotors will wear faster. Make sure to get your brakes serviced as soon as possible if your brake pedal spring is no longer capable of returning the pedal back to where it should be.

Malfunctioning Electrical System

A problem with your car’s electrical system can cause all sorts of issues, including brake lights that don’t turn off. This is one of the trickier issues to troubleshoot and should only be considered after other potential causes have been ruled out. If you suspect your car is experiencing electrical problems, visit the service department at Graff Chevrolet in Grand Prairie, Texas, where our expert technicians will ensure your car is safe to drive.

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